AboutBeauty Moments Studio

Minette, founder of Beauty Moments Studio, grew up in front of the camera – from winning a pageant, to being a shy school girl, to a confident women loving all moments in front of the camera! Selfies & kisses thrown to you is her brand when she takes group photos! Minette’s passion started with her mom dressing her up in dresses, taking her to modelling schools, dancing lessons, and assisting mom dressing brides with the dresses she made, to Minette joining a cosmetic company and staying full time in that industry for 27 years!

The question Minette poses to you: who are you, and more important, who would you like to become and be comfortable with?

Make Overs

It's all about the decision to commit with courage to starting your journey to accept yourself with love, changing what you can within your budget.

Dress Up Photoshoots

We all love dressing to impress, and Beauty Moments Studio will be there for you when you need to capture those moments!


We would love to create Photoshoot memories with you in our studios. As you can see, coming in all sizes and stages of life, there are always moments to capture.

We are experienced

Minette worked for Avroy Shlain for 27 years before she chose to carve her own path – she has all the experience required to ensure that you can leave the makeover in her very capable hands!

We are trustworthy

We are not a “fly-by-night” company – we ensure that you are comfortable, and well taken care of while you are with us.

We are "all-in-one"

You don’t have to go to different locations – you can get your make-up, nails and full beauty experience done all in one location!

100% Quality & Value

Test products, soft laser facials and full make overs available at our Studios. Minette has been involved with the make-up industry for the last 27-Years – so you know that you can trust her!

Test the products in the studios and book Beauty Moments experiences with your friends and families to try before you buy. Book your Experience now!