What we offer...

Bridal Parties

Do you need someone to help you plan your bridal party? Well, look no further!
We are here to help you have a special party, that no one will forget!

Have a look at our work on www.basisha.co.za!

Bridal Photoshoots

You want to look fabulous for your big day - but it is just as important for you to have someone capture every moment of the big day! We provide bridal photoshoots at our studios, so you don't have to scramble to find someone to take those stunning photos of your special day.


Our professional Make Up artists will ensure that you look amazing - whether that be for your wedding, or for a general photoshoot, you can rest easy knowing that we will make sure your beauty shines bright! We use only the best quality products for all our makeovers - we will never use anything on you that we would personally not use.


You can't have only make up done for your photoshoots - of course you need to get your nails done too! We have many stunning nail styles, and our professional nail artist will do your nails to suit your personality and "flavour"!

Family Photoshoots

At Beauty Moments Studio we treasure the moments with family, and it is important for us to capture pictures with our loved ones!

General Photoshoots

And of course, there are the selfie moments! Whenever you need to look your best, we at Beauty Moments Studio are there to assist you in bringing out the beauty within you!

Beauty Moments

Beauty Moments Studio100% Quality & Value

Test products, soft laser facials and full make overs available at our Studios. Minette has been involved with the make-up industry for the last 27-Years – so you know that you can trust her!

Test the products in the studios and book Beauty Moments experiences with your friends and families to try before you buy. Book your Experience now!